Friday, July 9, 2010

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Kenya in Africa and work with the Mercy Care Centre school in Nairobi. this trip has solidified my wants to move to Africa and be a "lorax" for people who cant necessarily speak for themselves. The trip was amazing, we spent a week working at the school, doing various projects. My specific project was to repaint the front wall of the main building. It already had the outline of Africa on one side and a human heart on the other. I chose to leave the Africa outline but painted over the heart and chose a cute heart overlapped by a cross because the school is about giving the students hope through education and god. The school is located in the second biggest slum in Kenya and many students had not even been outside the slum in their entire lives. The school offers a window of opportunity and the kids take it. They are the most dedicated students I've met and they are so appreciative when groups arrive to help. Our group did multiple things including a medical clinic, arts and crafts, teaching classes, painting, building walls, fixing desks and we had the amazing opportunity to build a wheelchair and present it to a paralyzed student who was carried around everywhere by one of his teachers. The group I travel led with was amazing, it was a group from Glady Branch Baptist Church located in Brevard, North Carolina. We grew very close over the 3 weeks we were in Kenya and the friendships we made will last forever. We also went on a safari and a small trip to the beach. The scenery and wildlife was breath-taking and I will never forget all that we went through. I've always wanted to live in Africa and this trip has told me where I can go to make a difference and who I can help. I will never forget the people of the Mathare Valley and me and another girl from our group are already planning to travel back to Africa next summer to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

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