Sunday, August 8, 2010

For one of my projects for my portraiture class, i was assigned to find a non-profit and photograph someone working. i chose Julia's Coffee, they are a part of Habitat for Humanity and all their profits go towards Habitat. It is a local coffee shop located by the resale store and they have lots of different coffee drinks and they purchase amazing sandwiches and salads from local businesses to sell in the shop. they also have a used book store and lots of seating space. it is an amazing atmosphere and i'm so glad i chose to shoot my project for this non profit. the coffee shop has a few full time and part time staff but one of the things i think is amazing is that they accept volunteers and teach them at 'espresso college' how to make different drinks and the shop runs on the work of the staff as well as the volunteers. i think a coffee shop is an amazing opportunity to get to know people and because they're connected to Habitat it is even better because all their proceeds go towards a good cause. i worked with the staff members for about 3 hours and followed them around photographing their everyday work environment. i even had the opportunity to ride with a staff member to pick up the sandwiches at the local cafe. they all have a heart for helping others and make the coffee shop a fun place to hang out. with all the seating, you could study for school, have a book club or just 'people watch' in the shop. thanks to Julia's Coffee for letting me take a morning of your busy schedule to capture the environment you guys create! it was an amazing experience!

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