Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Building Downtown...One Tree at a Time

Asheville GreenWorks has been around since the 80's, working to make Asheville the "green machine" it is. they have planted thousands of trees across the county at schools, parks and downtown. even though it's winter, the trees downtown and in the parks are still a beautiful reminder that caring for our environment is vital and can make all the difference in the atmosphere of a city. Since Asheville is such a environmentally friendly city, how different and how weird would it look if our downtown has no trees in sight? Asheville GreenWorks helped to plant a majority of the trees lining the sidewalks and streets of downtown Asheville. The plentiful greenery is probably overlooked by many who are used to the numerous trees lining the streets; but as soon as they travel to a city with just a few trees hovering under the skyscrapers, they realize the uniqueness of our "green" Asheville.

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