Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Lorax Project...What I'm All About!

Dr. Seuss knows how to get people involved and get people interested. no one can argue that. his books appeal to everyone, of all ages, races, cultures and backgrounds. no matter where you live, are from or where you're going, Dr.Seuss's books can mean something to you. The Lorax is a perfect example: i dont know anyone that cant appreciate the environment after reading this book. and its not just about protecting the environment. i take it as an example to protect anything that 'cannot speak for themselves'. the Lorax may be a fictional character but i believe there is a Lorax is every one of us. and Dr. Seuss's The Lorax Project proves that there are things that anyone can do to protect things. you could say Dr.Seuss is geared towards kids, yes thats true, so therefore this project is geared towards kids....and that means even kids can make a difference. you can make a difference....even if its just educating others about extinct species or different oppressions happening across the globe. you can make a difference! i feel so strongly about this topic. as i'm sure you can tell!! please help me in becoming a Lorax: for whatever topic you feel strongly about!! 

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