Friday, April 13, 2012

Aidan's Chariot Awaits

wednesday night i had the honor of working with Chariots of Freedom for the first time!  I always love when I find new connections with non-profits in the area and Chariots of Freedom is a worthy organization. "Chariots of Freedom seeks to enrich the lives of special needs children and their families". Mike explains on their facebook what Chariots of Freedom is all about:
Our mission is to provide special needs children with the opportunity to enjoy a greater degree of FREEDOM than they have likely ever before experienced. This is accomplished by enabling them to participate in competitive and social athletic events such as triathlons, and cycling and running events of all types. Each child is paired with an athlete who pushes and pulls them in a "CHARIOT".  
i had a fantastic time photographing a time trial that Mike participated in with Aidan in his chariot. Aidan has such a zest for life and speed. before the race, he was always shouting 'go' or 'move' and couldn't wait to be seated in his chariot and get out on the track. Aidan's brother and mom were there to cheer him on as well as some local volunteers as they biked around the Lowe's Motor Speedway.
this is truly a great organization and deserves all the attention!

view their facebook page here and consider volunteering:

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  1. This is cool!!! I like that they call them Chariots! Adorable pictures.