Friday, June 8, 2012

A Swine/Fine Evening

every year A Child's Place hosts their 'Swine Evening'. throughout the course of the evening, attendees bid on piggy banks (hence the name of the event). the little piggies are signed by celebrities across the country and offer some fantastic packages. one was signed by Aaron Rodgers (one of my favorite Green Bay Packers football stars). another bank had the current American Idol contestants' signatures, yet another auctioned off some Nicholas Sparks items. there was a lot of silent auction piggy banks and about 6 piggy banks that were sold during a live auction. the live auction piggy banks went for the big bucks; a getaway/safari for 2 to south africa was one of the live auction piggy banks and i believe was the biggest selling bank. all the proceeds go towards A Child's Place and the guests were all eager to donate to such a great organization. it was a fun-filled evening and i look forward to possibly helping out again next year!

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