Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Faces Behind the Shoeboxes...

i had the honor of going behind the scenes at Operation Christmas Child and packing shoeboxes with my small group from Warehouse 242. as we arrived, we went through training. as soon as we finished learning how to pack a box, the volunteers were taking a prayer break and a staff member told a story of a shoebox child and some scripture. every single volunteer and staff member stopped working and listened to the story of thanks and prayed over shoeboxes together. Operation Christmas Child is not only about sending christmas presents to children around the globe but it's a reminder that this is done in the name of Christ and all for a fabulous cause. i loved getting up close and personal with all the boxes that came across my table and seeing what different people packed. and of course working with my small group is always fun. i've adopted the nickname of 'the little one'. lovely :)

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