Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Hands On" Graphics

about a year ago, i photographed a group of volunteers working for Hands on Charlotte at the Carolina Raptor Center. Hands on Charlotte is unique in the fact that the main aspect of their non-profit is to provide volunteers for other non-profits and organizations that are looking for volunteers. volunteers can do anything from tutoring to building playgrounds and landscaping. most non-profits choose a specific topic or area to focus their attention on, Hands on Charlotte does a little bit of everything and has volunteers across the city working on multiple projects at the same time.
i wanted to not only take pictures and present a photo story from the photo shoot but also build a layout that could go in a magazine or newspaper. with all my photo shoots and stories i try to build some sort of layout or advertisement to keep my layout skills fresh so i can offer graphics to my clients as well. it's a great way to stay competitive in the business as well as keeping it simple for clients - they can come to me for any creative project they have and i can take the pictures and make the layout. the next thing i hope to work on to offer is video...

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