Monday, November 7, 2011

Watching the Pro at work...

Kate Weaver is a local portrait photographer who is all about the "experience". we got to experience the "experience" today on a shoot with my photo club at school. Kate is all about interacting with the clients and letting them have a good time and not just buying photos, you (as the client) are buying the experience and the memories. Kate came to our school and we found a family for her to photograph. it was great to see a professional during a shoot and how they work and get the clients excited.
While i do not want to shoot portrait photography as my career, interaction with clients is very important in every field of photography. and i think we can all learn things from photographers with how to shoot or how to get your clients excited. it's all about making everyone feel comfortable and happy on the shoot. as soon as you meet Kate, you feel at ease and excited to do the shoot, and that's what every photographer should strive for.

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