Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Humanitarian Art

Rrecently i've been thinking about how my photography skills can help the world and help bring about support for the non-profits i want to work with. i kept thinking that most people want medical or teaching skills and art was not something that would benefit a non-profit. however, then i met with a church group that was sending off 3 of their own to Swaziland in Africa for 11 months. i began asking how their organization, Africa Revolution, could use my photography and graphic skills to help the orphans, widows and go-go's (grandmothers) that they work with. they immediately relieved my anxiety and spoke of art therapy and how everyone wants their story told and many non-profits would benefit greatly from having more art in their organization. i am now more excited than ever to continue building my humanitarian photography business and working with non-profits using my photography skills. Nathan Clendenin is a fellow humanitarian photographer located in chapel hill and has the same love for Africa as i do. his work is amazing and i now have multiple role models for my photography and my business. here is an example of his amazing work in africa.

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